Hyperloop in India(A high speed travelling) -Travel Delhi to Mumbai in 80 min and Mumbai to Chennai in 60 min.

Who doesn't think about time ? From beginning of the day till end we run looking at our clock. Busy roads, railways, flights which doesn't grab our budget are actually consuming more time while traveling. Elon Musk came up with a solution and his idea of semi vacuum tube which is know as Hyperloop has the [...]


Google does not want you to touch the screen from now, here is what it got for us-Project SOLI.

  Google's ATAP(Advanced Technology And Projects) is taking impossible things to possible way. With the recent launch of Google Home, which stood in battle with Amazon Echo had made many task easier. The upcoming technology of Google is going to take the physical world into digital world. Here is one among that. Project Soli Touchscreen [...]