3 Internships mandatory!

To improve the quality of engineers being produced in India, the engineering students across the country will now have to complete 3 Internships before getting the degree. The college is responsible to get internships for the students. Earlier only the students of reputed colleges took internships seriously. "According to the data collected by AICTE only [...]



World of mobile technology is reaching new heights day by day from just a peice of communicating device to a mini computer. Now we have another blast to add up to these technical advancements. A HOLOGRAPHIC MEDIA MACHINE known as HYDROGEN RED ONE by the world's most famous camera company the RED. RED being one of the [...]

Artificial Intelligence 

The world of 21st century is all about Artificial intelligence (AI). AI is the next big way of computing.It's the future of computer science.AI is the theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks normally with human intelligence such as visual perception,speech recognition,decision making.Machines learn problem solving,reasoning and thus we can see human [...]