World of mobile technology is reaching new heights day by day from just a peice of communicating device to a mini computer. Now we have another blast to add up to these technical advancements. A HOLOGRAPHIC MEDIA MACHINE known as HYDROGEN RED ONE by the world’s most famous camera company the RED.

RED being one of the top notch advanced camera makers in the world just revealed they are getting HYDROGEN RED ONE soon. 

It is going to be the first holographic machine which doesn’t require any sort of glasses to experience the technology. This gadget will operate on the Android OS and supports AR,VR and MR.

It comes with 5.7 inch professional holographic display. It is being equipped with such a nanotechnology that seamlessly switches between the normal 2D content,holographic content(4 view content (H4V) ),multiview content,3D content and interactive games both in landscape and portrait mode.

Within the OS there is a H30 algorithm that converts stereo sound into a multi-dimensional audio matching the  H4V .

Camera would sport a unique kind of  component system to capture high quality still and motion images as well as hydrogen format holographic images. RED is expected to make a new camera program along with several others for this.

More interestingly we can convert a 3D content into  H4V  for better holographic experience. 

Going with the picture being put by the RED we can see a headphone jack! and a USB  type C port. There are also pins which could be used to make some productive attachments like extra lens which is similar to be seen in RED’s camera.

The phone would cost $1195 for an aluminium model and $1595 for a titanium model. Yes,you heard it right a huge amount for an advanced gadget. It’s expected to be in your hands in the first quarter of 2018 and the pre-bookings have already started. The orders will be limited so pre-book early to grab one when it is launched.

Link to pre-order:



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