Microsoft ‘s  extravaganza for free e-books and resources is back

Microsoft is giving away millions of Free  e-books, yes you heard it right, for FREE !

Is anybody looking for free mind-blowing e-books and rescources ? If yes! then you’re just in the right blog to know how to get them.

 It’s that time of year again when Microsoft’s director of Sales Excellence Mr.Eric Ligman has proclaimed the opportunity to grab multiple e-books and resources for free.

The list of the books for this year include:

  • Windows 10, Windows 8.1
  • Power B1
  • Azure
  • Office 2013
  • Share Point 2016, 2013
  • Power shell
  • Dynamics CRM 
  • Exchange Server
  • System center
  • Cloud
  • SQL Server and much more . 

Well, now there are a few common questions which may naturally arise :

  1. What’s the catch behind free giveaway? Haha there’s no catch as such, Ligman says it’s the Microsoft ‘s way of expressing gratitude towards their customers.
  2. How many books can be downloaded? There’s no limit , download as many as interest you.
  3. Can we download all books at once? Yes, you definitely can .(explained at the end)

These Books aren’t ” Time-bombed ” (e-books which stop working after certain amount of time) versions either, SO HURRY UP!!

To have a look on the complete list of books click here.

To Download all , click above and select ” save target as “, it will let you download a list of the links in a Single .TXT for all the e-books.

Sometimes customers fail to download the e-books, it’s just because some books come from the sites where there is very  heavy traffic , all you need to do in such situation is wait a few moments and try again.

Enjoy your free e-books 🙂


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