A single step by Apple turned a man into billionaire.

As said that “Fortune brings in some boats that are not steered”, one announcement made by Apple Inc.’s changed the life of TSMC’s Chairman completely.

TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.), the world’s largest dedicated independent semiconductor foundry which is best known for its logic chip product line with particular strength in advanced low power processes such as 28nm HPM (High Performance Mobile) with HKMG technology for mobile and high performance apps.

Presently, TSMC exclusively manufactures the Apples iPhone7 A10 SoC and is expected to be the sole supplier of upcoming brand new iPhone8s A11 chipsets after the announcement made by Apple about contract signed with it.

As said the chip inside iPhone7 is A10 fusion, which includes two high power cores and two low power cores where as the design of A11 chipsets is still unknown but as per the report it is fabricated using 10 nanometers process where as the earlier was 16 nanometers. Lower nanometer leads to better power efficiency and performance.

The chip company has performed strongly in 2-3 years with highest profit margin in  2015 by manufacturing of A10 SoC.

By the production of A11 chipsets this year the company is expected to enter the bull market where it can experience 27% upper trend in the profit.

All this has made the chairman of TSMC become a billionaire thanks to expected demand for Apple Inc.’s new iPhone. This lifted founder and chairman Morris Changs personal fortune to $1 billion as per the recent reports. Chang, 86 year old, owns 0.5% of the business directly and through his family as said according to a May 2017 filing to the Taiwan stock exchange.

Therefore one can say that “Luck is what happens when preparations meet opportunity”,as a single move made by  Apple turned the fortune of 86 year old millionaire to be a billionaire.


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