Artificial Intelligence 

The world of 21st century is all about Artificial intelligence (AI). AI is the next big way of computing.It’s the future of computer science.AI is the theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks normally with human intelligence such as visual perception,speech recognition,decision making.Machines learn problem solving,reasoning and thus we can see human intelligence processed by machines.Computer researchers have developed certain special algorithms that actually follow the Step by step mechanism  that humans use to tackle a problem or solve a logic.

 The most important  feature of an AI is: machine learning which automatically improves it with experience and makes it better day by day.AI is also made to think on its own and thus made to produce creativity. As artificial intelligence needs all the knowledge about the world, it is engineered with all the basic and advanced knowledge about common and important things of the world.Knowledge engineering is the basic fundamental to an AI. An AI is well computed with breadth of commonsense knowledge too! An AI is developed in such a way that it can plan and schedule things on its own with precision. Every AI has an ability to read and understand the languages that human’s speak through ‘Natural Language Processing’. It also has an ability to use input from sensors such as camera ,microphones etc. Computer vision is the ability to analyse visual input. Researchers thought an AI Is incomplete without interpreting the emotional state of humans hence equipped an AI with social intelligence too! 

AI is closely related to the field of robotics.The intelligence,functioning,handling problems has improved rapidly with the usage of AI in robotics.Using this AI automative industry has built driverless cars. The usage of AI is already in immense amount.Our daily go through google search,image recognition in photographs,voice assistants like siri and google assisstant are examples of AI.World technology is focused upon developing a much better and much precised AI in this century . In order tech gaints like Google,Apple,Facebook,IBM,Microsoft,Amazon,Intel,etc have established a non-profit partnership to develop an advanced artificial intelligence in future.


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