Dubai is all set to fly its self driving drone taxis this summer-Ehang 184

With a rapid evolution of drones, it has conquered most of the industries, militaries and likes. Uber and Airbus are looking forward for launching there drones which can transport goods. Dubai has stepped ahead of them by introducing self driving drone taxis which will be operating from July 2017. ehang-184-drone-gcn-680x380

Dubai has again proved that it has got the best transportation facilities in the world. At the World Government Summit Dubai’s Road and Transportation Agency has announced to begin its passengers service this summer which are carried by self driving drones along some selected routes through the air.

Ehang 184 is going to scare the birds of Dubai 

Dubai has added a new kind of bird which will be carrying its passengers through the sky. According to tech crunch Ehang 184 can carry one passenger with a maximum weight of 90 kg. As it is electrically powered, it can travel a distance of upto 50 kms on one charge and it is said to have a speed of 100mph. People of Dubai can now reach there destination within no time and not worrying about there busy roads.

You can find more information on Ehang 184 here. Let us call it ‘AAV’ (Autonomous Aerial Vehicle).

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