Project ‘TITAN’, Apple iCar is showing its way to enter our world. 

Apple is a supergiant technological company who has never stopped in making new devices and inventions . The Cupertino company is all set behind the Super Car projected as ‘TITAN’ in the development team . The car is rumoured to be an “iCAR”.Tim cook was in full interest to build a super car as soon as iPhone was released in 2008 .

The electric car codenamed as “TITAN” is in news since 2014 or early  when apple hired couple of ex-employees from famous car manufacturing companies such as Ford, Tesla Motors, Mercedes-Benz. Apple has hired thousands of engineers across various field to make the electric car integrated with OS. In order has hired a good number of former blackberry QNX as they have a vast experience in the field of developing components of operating system and power management. According to some of the reports apple was in talk to buy luxurious car making company McLaren in order to improve its “iCAR” project. It is also found that Apple is rethinking it’s strategy on self driving cars. We already know that heads of famous carmaker’s  like TESLA MOTORS and FORD  have spoke about Apple making a car. Let’s wait until Apple officially announces “iCAR” and it’s specifications.

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