Google does not want you to touch the screen from now, here is what it got for us-Project SOLI.


Google’s ATAP(Advanced Technology And Projects) is taking impossible things to possible way. With the recent launch of Google Home, which stood in battle with Amazon Echo had made many task easier. The upcoming technology of Google is going to take the physical world into digital world. Here is one among that.

Project Soli

Touchscreen devices have replaced almost all press-key/button machines. Everyone is getting used to it, but within this amount of time Google has something new for us. Now it does not want its user to touch the screen. Yes, you read that right. A simple hand gesture can do your job once Project Soli starts rolling out in Android Market. Here is a video you can watch.

Soli uses a sensor that emits electromagnetic waves which when stuck by any object reflect back some portion of the waves and are detected by radar considering some aspects like time, speed, motion and even more. It is as small as our old school SIM cards and consumes very less amount of power. Soli is going to add a lot more fun in the interaction between man and machine.

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