Here are programming languages used by 5 popular companies

Todays world is getting more intelligent as of yesterday. Futuristic companies such as Google are always ahead to grab those mind with great problem solving methodology.Here is the list of programming languages used by most popular companies. Try to get perfection in most common languages which are used. Your problem solving skill can make the world to experience new technologies.



Google is becoming solution for most arising questions. It is the most used search engine in the world with 1,600,000,000* unique visitors per month.If you are trying to get a job at google, here is something you need to know.

Google uses JavaScript at its front end and C, C++, Java, Python, Go are used at its Back-end (servers). If you are interested in knowing about database management, Google uses BigTable, MariaDB for its database.

     2.  FACEBOOK


Facebook is leading site in social networking with a rapid growth that it has nearly reached  1,100,000,000* unique visitors per month. Here is what it is made up of.

Facebook uses JavaScript at its front end and C++, Java, Python, PHP, Hack, Erlang, D, Xhp, Haskell for its back end (servers). For Database it uses MySQL, MariaDB, HBase Cassandra.

     3.  MICROSOFT


Most of the machines in this planet are powered by MICROSOFT. Bill Gates known as richest man on Earth made it possible. If you are looking for getting a job at Microsoft, have a look.

Microsoft uses JavaScript for its front end and ASP.NET at its back end. Microsoft SQL server is used as its Database.

     4. AMAZON


The most popular e-commorce site, which delivers you any product from many parts of the world. It has around 500,000,000* unique visitors every month. The site made shopping more fun.

AMAZON uses JavaScript for its front end and C++, Java, Perl are used for its back end. Oracle Database is used to maintain and manage its Database.



With years of time Linkedin is taking its hand on our world, as of world’s largest professional network Linkedin is now grabbing nearly 260,000,000* unique visitors per month.

Linkedin uses JavaScript as its front end and Java, JavaScript, Scala are used at its back end. Voldemort is used for its database.

        Sorting out some common languages which are used, having knowledge about such languages may make it possible for you to work with the listed companies. Knowing programming languages is not what they want, they want you to give them algorithms which are capable to solve real world problems in most intelligent way. Your thinking can make this world a better place.   Hope you liked it.



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