World of mobile technology is reaching new heights day by day from just a peice of communicating device to a mini computer. Now we have another blast to add up to these technical advancements. A HOLOGRAPHIC MEDIA MACHINE known as HYDROGEN RED ONE by the world's most famous camera company the RED. RED being one of the [...]

Microsoft ‘s  extravaganza for free e-books and resources is back

Microsoft is giving away millions of Free  e-books, yes you heard it right, for FREE ! Is anybody looking for free mind-blowing e-books and rescources ? If yes! then you're just in the right blog to know how to get them.  It's that time of year again when Microsoft's director of Sales Excellence Mr.Eric Ligman has proclaimed the opportunity to grab multiple e-books and resources for [...]

A single step by Apple turned a man into billionaire.

As said that "Fortune brings in some boats that are not steered", one announcement made by Apple Inc.'s changed the life of TSMC's Chairman completely. TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.), the world's largest dedicated independent semiconductor foundry which is best known for its logic chip product line with particular strength in advanced low power processes such as [...]